Type 2 Diabetes – Screening for Diabetes in the Dental Chair

Periodontitis, a disease of the gums and tissues underlying the teeth, is the most common cause of tooth loss and can be a complication of Type 2 diabetes… it is more common when uncontrolled blood sugar is present. High blood sugar causes inflammation, leading to infection by bacteria in the mouth. Bacteria can release dangerous toxins into the bloodstream and even cause death if not treated promptly.

It is estimated about 8 million people in the United States alone are walking around with undiagnosed Type 2 diabetes. Diabetes can be life-threatening and lead to many serious complications if not diagnosed early. Periodontitis is present in about a quarter of people diagnosed with this form of diabetes.

Researchers at Boise University in Twin Falls, Idaho, United States, looked at the possibility of having Type 2 diabetes diagnosed by dental hygienists when clients are treated for periodontitis. Their study, reported on in the International Journal of Dental Hygiene in March 2015, included 50 participants with periodontitis and at least one other risk factor for developing Type 2 diabetes…

  • 16 dental patients were found to have prediabetes, and
  • 17 were diagnosed with full-blown Type 2 diabetes.

Diagnosis and discussion of diabetes with each dental patient took 14 minutes on average, and cost $US9.00. The dental clients diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes were advised to see their family doctor within 2 weeks… 9 were seen by their primary care provider within that time frame.

From these findings it was concluded diabetes screening by dental hygienists was an effective and convenient method for Type 2 diabetics to be diagnosed. Test kits for chairside or home use are available, and require only a simple prick of the finger.

Once Type 2 diabetes is diagnosed and the primary care practitioner notified, early treatment can help to prevent further advances in periodontitis as well as other complications related to this form of diabetes. Because blood carries sugar throughout the entire body, most organs can be affected. If weight can be brought down to normal, many times complete remission or dramatic improvement is possible.

A normal HbA1c level is 5 percent. Bringing it down to below 7 percent is the goal most doctors set. This is accomplished with…

  • weight loss,
  • a healthful diet primarily made up of vegetables, and
  • exercise.

If you are overweight or obese, have a family history of Type 2 diabetes, have delivered a baby that weighed over 8 pounds, or are over 50, screening for diabetes when you have and teeth cleaning is something to consider. If you have periodontitis plus another risk factor, it is definitely a good idea.

Dental Equipment Financing

Of late, dental equipment has become more sophisticated and requires the use of all latest technologies. dental equipment financing is the most sought after option for most dental clinics and institutes as most industry equipment is extremely expensive.

The success of dental equipment relies highly upon the advanced dental equipment. Hence dental equipment financing is not an expense but an investment. Nowadays computer technologies have been included to detect the problems in mouth. These advanced technologies increase the cost of the l equipment and so many institutes look for financing.

Air and vacuum system help in certain dental works. It helps in keeping the mouth of the patients clean. The vacuum system removes water and fluids from the patient’s mouth. The compressed air system helps to power the equipment. In olden days, these two purposes were served by two different devices. But now they are combined to form a compact single device. However this equipment is expensive and thus financing is often a sought after option.

Dental tables are important for any dental clinic. They perform the similar functions of dental chair. This is particularly useful in veterinary clinic to assess the dental health of animals. Tables are essential in such clinics as it is not really possible to place the animals on chairs. However the equipment is quite pricey and so dental table financing is often essential.

Dentists require adequate lighting system to diagnose the dental health problems in a patient’s mouth. The lights need to be adjustable to show the patient’s mouth clearly. The light system offers invaluable service in a dentist’s clinic and so it is essential to acquire this expensive equipment. The light system equipment can be easily purchased through financing.

Dental chair in a dentist’s clinic helps to diagnose the dental health issues in the patient’s mouth. The height of the chair can be adjustable and can support even the heavy weight patients. It also comes with extra features like overhead lights, hydraulics, patient sinks and so on. These extra features are added to the cost of the chair thus making it extremely expensive. Hence many dentists look for dental equipment financing to acquire dental chairs.

Examination room equipment which is essential in a dentist’s clinic includes dental chairs, overhead lights, office furniture, LCD screen and other equipment that assists in examining the patient’s mouth. Dental examination room equipments can be pricey and thus call for help of reliable financing companies.

There are some genuine financing companies that have vast experience in medical equipment financing. They can understand the need for dental equipment in a dental clinic and are willing to provide financing for the dental equipment at low interest rates. It is easy to apply for the desired amount. Even an online application is enough to acquire the financial assistance from them. They process the application immediately and provide fast approval of the amount. Since dental equipment is indispensable in the dentist’s clinic, it is often advisable to go for financing to acquire the necessary equipment.

Basic Aluminum Dental Patient Chair With Hydraulic Base – A Good Dental Chair

There are many dental chairs which are available in the market now so it is important for you to choose the right one for fulfilling your needs. If you are able to choose the right one of chair for dentist, you will be able to take more benefits so your job in dental practical can run well. If you provide the best services in a convenient way, you will be able to get more patients so your job will grow well and you can be the best dentist in your area.

For helping you in getting more benefits in your job, having Basic Aluminum Dental Patient Chair with Hydraulic Base as your dental chair will be a great solution you need to take. The cushions of this unit are made in rolled-edge vinyl and padded so it can be great for your patients. The headrest of this chair is adjustable so you can make it suitable based on your willingness. In fact, this kind of adjustment depends on the tall or short the patients you are treating. Because it includes the base of hydraulic, it will make easier the process of transportation so it will help you in moving your patients.

This kind of bed also features smooth ergonomic upholstery so it will give the comfort feeling for your patients. The weight of this dental chair is 62 lbs. or round about 28.2 kg. This product does not have stitching or seams that are useful for a sepsis control so it can be the point plus of this unit.