Dentists – Do’s and Don’Ts Before You Get to the Dental Chair

Dentists care about their patients’ teeth. If every patient spent a bit of time adhering to these guidelines, they’d spend less time in pain or in the dental chair. Here are some do’s and don’ts they hope you’ll take note of.

Dentists are health care practitioners who care about their patients’ teeth, gums and overall well-being. Oral health care doesn’t just affect a person’s mouth but can contribute to the well-being of the entire body. Some diseases and conditions which are closely linked with dental decay or gingivitis include clogged arteries, heart attacks, break down of the immune system due to untreated infection, complications related to diabetes and even premature birth of babies.

Dentists spend years in school to gain their expertise. They attend four years of undergraduate school before even beginning dental college. During dental college, dentists study anatomy, physiology, chemistry and much more. They complete a wide range of practicum clinic hours working in patients’ mouths on a variety of problems. These practitioners are truly experts on oral health and should be listened to regarding do’s and don’ts.

– Do brush and floss after every meal. Learning to brush and floss properly is a huge step in keeping teeth and gums healthy.

– Do watch your diet. The type of foods ingested has a big impact on overall well-being and the decay of the enamel. Sticky foods, those that get caught between teeth or those that stain all have negative impact if not monitored. Sugary treats break down and cause cavities more readily than healthier choices.

– Do watch your children’s diets. Make certain you are setting good examples in your own dietary choices. Children watch and learn from their role models. Babies shouldn’t be put to bed with bottles as this is a recipe for early decay.

– Do schedule regular visits with the dentist for every member of the family. Even pets should have their teeth checked by the vet as decay can cause health maladies in them, as well. Humans should see their dental practitioner every six months to a year or even more often if there are problems that need to be watched more closely.

– Don’t let a tobacco product come near your mouth or body. Tobacco products cause an array of problems including cancer and hampered immune systems. Cigarette smoking and chewing this substance can be the cause of diseases for years to come. Not only that, but it stains the teeth and makes them look unattractive.

– Don’t chew ice or other extremely hard items. Chewing these items are an invitation for breakage.

– Don’t forget to check your own mouth between visits: Any suspicious lumps, bumps, chips or bleeding should be reported to your dentist.

– Don’t fail to let your dentist know if anything has changed in your medical history. You should let them know of medical conditions, changes of prescription medications and any other pertinent information.

– Don’t forget to have your former dentist send all records to a new practice should you decide to move or go to a new practitioner. No need to take another set of x-rays if they can simply be mailed to the new office.

Dentists are smart. Follow their advice and you’ll be glad that you did.