Dental Phobia

“Why are so many people afraid of the dentist?” Quite frankly, I don’t know. As for myself I have no fear. Then again, I am the one holding the drill. However, I do have some theories and suggestions.

As a patient you should think about why you have fear. Was there an event in the dental chair that lead to this emotion? Did you feel pain and your dentist did not believe you? Was there improper language or overt advances cast upon you? Did you feel as though you did not know what was going on before the treatment was started? Furthermore, was the cost of the treatment not discussed in detail? Any of the above would scare me.

So here are some small suggestions to overcome these obstacles. Everyone gets a clean slate, patients and yes the dentist too. Seek a professional that suits your needs. It may include gender, education, personality, kindness and compassion. Discuss options and choices of treatment, including cost. Ask to see things in a mirror so everyone is on the same page. However, do not ask to see the whole procedure as someone usually gets hit in the head and that someone is usually me. If something happened in your past that is sensitive, talk to the dentist before the treatment so you will be comfortable. Remember, there are several methods to help you relax.

Finding these kind, compassionate dentists is not as difficult as it may seem. Ask your friends and co-workers. First hand knowledge is always the best. Your local dental society can offer useful information. Of course, one strike of the keyboard will offer you many choices of blogs and chats.